Our Mission
Barton Architects is a young architectural practiced with offices in Fulham and North Devon. Our current and previous work ranges from basement designs in South West London to community projects in the West Country. Led by Lewis Barton, a chartered architect and member of the RIBA, we aim to deliver high quality designs and projects to clients from across the UK.
Lewis has been involved in construction all his life having worked across the sector as a labourer, carpenter, technician, and designer before founding Barton Architects in 2021. Throughout his wide-ranging career he has maintained excellent relations with engineers and contractors, operating a “feet on the ground” approach to architecture through collaborations with designers and builders. He believes that great architecture is not only about eye-catching form and choice materials but detailing and composition: 

“most projects in the UK will have to fit into a crowded and chaotic built landscape, and our work needs to improve, rather than consume, which is why we focus on heritage works, to qualify and preserve that which is important”.

He is a graduate of the University for the Creative Arts and Birmingham City University. He is fluent in French and enjoys coastal sailing whenever work allows.
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